Strange noise coming from under passenger seat? Gremlin? What is it?

Looking for solutions to the cause of the noise found!

Honda Dealer does not know what the black box is? The Service Dept. test rode it but could not find the noise?

Is it all in my head or is it a Gremlin making a rucus under the passenger seat?

[](https://Honda Odessey Gremlin)

Strange Noise from under passerger seat-Gremlin?

What block box do you refer? My Corolla has a black plastic box under the seat, related to the seat belt sensor. Noises in that area could be exhaust system leaks, so for safety-sake don’t defer on getting an accurate diagnosis. Might be a good idea to drive with windows down for proper fresh air ventilation in the meantime.

Remove the driver seat and tighten everything underneath, including the bolts that hold the black box to the floor and any screws that hold cables to the black box. If you find anything else that is loose under the seat tighten I too since removing the seat is a PITA. Replace the seat and go for a drive. AOK?

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Look under the vehicle for loose plastic panels that could slap against the floor while driving at high speeds. If you can’t demonstrate the noise, the technicians don’t want to spend any time on annoying sounds.

The people in the office don’t know where the parts are located. You may be looking at the cover for the airbag safing sensor, don’t take anything apart.

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There was mention of taking out the driver’s seat? But the noise is under the passenger seat! I was hoping to get someone that knows what is in that black box under the passenger seat? Some caution was called here ? Not sure what to do now?

DVD/Navi player located under the pass side seat.(?)… It would be nice if we new what year the vehicle is…

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Did you watch the video also attached to the post it gives the year, make, model, and most important the sounds of the noise.

It’s not a naval player no access, it a black large box taking up the whole space under the passenger seat.

Yes I watched the video but somehow failed to hear what year it was, Sorry for inconveniencing you since you are the one that asked for HELP.… In the time it took you to you to type out 24 words you could have simply typed out 4 numbers… Gezz

Good luck!!!

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This vehicle is a 2009 Honda Odyssey just what is given at the beginning of the video.

I have had a number of replys, but have zero correct answers. This is something other people have not had similar issues, I will take the passenger seat out and open that black box I will video it! Stay tuned!

Your refund is in the mail…


On some models, the amplifier for the audio system is located under the front passenger seat.

Is it like that on a Honda Oddity? I do not know.

I have no idea.

The subwoofer is located under the right front seat. The subwoofer is linked to the active noise cancellation system, disconnect the subwoofer and see if the noise stops.



must be an impressive amount of leg room in there to fit one of those under the passenger seat!

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the confusion here is that in your video you refer to the sound as being from “under your left seat” Left seat would be the drivers seat. Left side of the vehicle is drivers side, right side is passenger. No big deal, just a miscommunication. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, but I do not think it is a woofer speaker mainly because no openings.

I like the photo of the AMC Gremlin car, I purchased a new one back in 1972 from my uncle Albert, that car was a Limon caught on fire on day 3, it lasted 6 months cylinders wore egg shaped burning oil, and poor gas mileage.