2016 Honda Odyssey - beeping under the hood

moved 2016 Honda Odyssey about 200 feet this morning. When i turned off engine and locked car, I noticed a high pitched beeping sound coming from under the hood. I have turned off everything in car locked doors and beeping continues. Anyone know what’s going on.

Try turning off the power to the sliding doors using the dash power button and then manually closing both doors.

Well sometimes you just feel stupid. I moved the car in front of my neighbor’s garage to avoid being parked under trees as a storm was brewing. After implementing your suggestion I drove the car a few miles, came back home and parked in my normal space. The beeping was gone. Well, I was delighted until my wife said she still heard the beeping. I went back to the car and heard nothing. So, I walked back to my neighbors garage where I originally heard the beeping. Eureka, I found a discarded fire alarm in a cardboard box and it was still making a beeping noise. Is my face red. Thanks for your feed back.


Thank you for letting us know. I think we have all been there in one fashion or another, often not car related.

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I have better hearing in my right ear. My boss would have me do tests drives. I’d come back and report that the trouble noise was coming from the right rear or right front. Him or somebody would tear apart the right side and find nothing. But found the problem on the left side. One time I came back and said it was on the right side, and he tore apart the left side first and found the problem. After I realized that I could only use my phone on my right ear did I realize I didn’t hear well from my left ear so most noises appear to be coming from the right. :smile:

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