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Weird noises

OK, time for a weird noise question:

Today, just after starting my car, as I was driving I heard a noise that sounded like paper shuffling in the back seat. I pulled into a parking spot and got out and checked the back seat and didn’t see anything odd (or anyone) there.

I continued driving and then (I think while braking, not sure) I heard a weird hissing/gurgling noise almost like someone letting fizz out of a soda bottle. It sounded like it was right over my head, behind me. Then I heard what sounded like something falling from the back seat onto the floor. (a light thud but it sounded close to me, inside the car) Then all noises stopped and everything was normal for the rest of the 15 minute drive home.

I seriously doubt it was the brakes though I was told my brakes will need replacing soon.

I have definitely heard noises behind me that turned out to be in front of me and vice versa so I suppose it could have been coming from the front. When I got home I cleaned out the back and looked under the hood and seats to see if there were any animals in there. Didn’t see or hear anything.

Any ideas? I know brakes can squeal, grind and vibrate but can they hiss?

Hmmmm…the sound of paper shuffling, followed by hissing/gurgling, and then a thud?
Have you considered the possibility of poltergeists?

On a more serious note–when you “looked under the hood”, did that include checking fluid levels such as the coolant? I would suggest that, when the engine is totally cold, you check the level of fluid in both the coolant overflow container and in the radiator itself.

Yeah, I think it’s possessed.

no, I was just checking if something had set up camp in there (raccoon or rat, etc) Fluid checking isn’t really my forte so I’ll probably get it looked at by someone on Monday.

The other thought I had was that since my brakes were at 25% 2 months ago maybe it’s the low pad indicator but it’s just making weird noises instead of what it’s supposed to do… But I don’t know what its supposed to sound like because I always get my brakes replaced before it gets to that point.

A low pad indicator will make a really annoying high pitched squeal as you go down the road. It will often stop squealing when you step on the brake. So these noises have nothing to do with it.

You’re probably going to need a mechanic to somehow reproduce the noise. But if it did all seem to be coming from the back seat it all may have been emanating from the fuel tank. There are all sorts of things about it that can make noise, it could act something like a big echo chamber, and its - sort of - down there under/behind the back seat.

I guess I’ll take it in then. Better safe than sorry…

The rustling of paper noise made me think of what happens when a plastic shopping bag gets cought up on a drive shaft…but the ‘‘thud’’ ?

Noises resonate, travel , and reflect.
I say get the car up on a service hoist and run it in gear while looking under the vehicle

it was a very light thud. Like something light fell off the back seat and landed on the floor But I don’t think that actually happened because the back seat looked the same and I didn’t slam on the brakes or anything.

Still looking for that cup of coffee that disappeared?


I’m speaking from experience!

OK, folks, here’s the answer: There was a spool of thread in the back seat that apparently my daughter had gotten tangled and threw it into the car. Some of the thread got under the car, got caught and was unravellng the thread inside the car as I drove!!! The guys at the service place untangled it for me.

Now why didn’t I think of that? Any car rookie knows that one!

Is this a serious post - or was it some weird riddle?

Either way it is hilarious. Thank you very much for reporting back.

it was serious! I promise! And I just paid someone to unravel the whole thing from under the car!

BTW, the light thud must have been the thread breaking free and the spool landing on the floor inside the car.

It goes to show that one can never make any assumptions. Anything is possible and anything possible will eventually happen. This one is “one for the books”.

This is a “thread” we’ll ALL remember with humor.

Sincere best. Nice investigative work.

"This is a “thread” we’ll ALL remember with humor. "

Ok. Sometimes you crack me up. But that one just made me hold my nose. (Ok, but I’m cracking up anyway).