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Stop Whining!

So, this is a 2008 Hyundai Sonata V6 Limited with about 30k miles.

Somewhat like my 2 year old nephew, the car is starting to whine when you get on it.

This is a fairly high pitched whine, “electrical motor” sounding.

It begins when you press the accelerator, and increases in pitch as you press harder (i.e.: accelerate).

When you let off the gas it immediately drops down to silent.

It also changes in pitch, dropping down a little, then goes back up, as the car upshifts.

The radio fairly easily drowns this out. But that hardly seems an appropriate cure.

Any ideas what this could be?


Probably a pulley or an accessory like your alternator.

Sounds like the alternator to me. My Camry has been doing it for years.

So, an update.

Took it in to my local guy for an oil change, etc.

He said the whine was the power steering…as it’s on a pulley.

Basically, the fluid is a bit slow in getting going. It’s going, but slow.

Sounds reasonable to me.

Any ideas?

Yes, the power steering pump is driven by a belt from the crankshaft, the serpentine belt, and of it’s truely the source of the noise it needs to be changed. A good power steering pump does not whine. And if it binds, and it just might, it’ll pop the serpentine belt, stall the car, and maybe even get caught up in and damage something else.

This “local guy”, is he a full service shop? If not, find a good independently owned and operated shop and have them fix what’s busted rather than just tell you what it is.

Since this car is under warranty why not just take it to the dealer and get it fixed.

Well, the way I figure it is like this…eventually…and pretty soon…it will no longer be under warranty.

So, at that point…when the cash is actually coming out of my own pocket…it’ll be helpful to have some idea of what may or may not be causing a problem.

It’s all a learning experience.

Oh, and by the way, my “local guy” is a full service shop. He’s one of those guys who fixes your car well and honestly. And, consequently, he’s someone you tell your friends and neighbors about.

Thanks for all the tips! It was, in fact, a pulley…and a warranty repair!