2012 Hyundai Sonata - Whines

high pitch whining noise that get’s louder the more I accelerate

If it was a roaring noise, I’d guess wheel bearing. But whining? hmmm … first check, does the sound seem to correspond more to the engine rpm, or to the vehicle speed? Try increasing the rpm when idling in the driveway in N, or when driving try shifting into N and coasting when you hear it. Caution needed for both tests, you may want to hire a shop tech for this instead.

I’ve had whining noises caused by loose or worn accessory belts.

Probably a front wheel bearing from your description. Does the noise change when you turn left or right? Take it to a shop you trust and get a diagnosis and estimate for repairs. Expect to pay for the diagnosis. They don’t work for free. If they claim they do that means they will charge for the diagnosis as part of the repair bill. You’ll pay one way or another. One more thing: has it been in a front end accident or hit a curb? That can help us figure out your problem too.

I wouldn’t describe it as whining, but if it is engine speed dependent and not wheel speed dependent there is a good chance your motor is about to lock up if you haven’t replaced it already. It is likely covered by Hyundai if it is an engine issue, these are having extremely high failure rates.

No one likes a whiner.


What might help is to know whether this whining exists only when the car is rolling or if it is present at a standstill also. Since it’s available with an automatic or manual knowing that would help also.

If only when rolling and depending upon how whining is defined, I wonder about this being a transmission issue. Fluid or gear oil level check might be a first step.

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Another possibility is the alternator, but that would be engine speed dependent, not road speed.

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Or, a differential issue…

Guessing this is a front wheel drive, so differential is part of the transmission. But it still has a differential, and differentials are common whine sources. So good idea to verify the transmission fluid is at the correct level. In some designs, not sure if applies to OP’s car, the differential fluid is checked independent of the transmission. Just a guess.