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2007 Kia Sedona Engine Whine and Pops

Anyone have any clue what’s causing the weird engine whine and popping noises when my engine is running? Here’s a video of it (whining starts around 10 seconds in):

The whine seems to follow acceleration at lower speeds. The van also has a new alternator. Runs/drives fine, just the sound is very annoying. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Rule 1. It was quiet before I worked on it.
Remove SERP belt. Start motor. Quiet?

I think the belt was replaced when they replaced the alternator. Is there anything else the noise could be besides a belt problem? Thanks for the help.

Is the power steering fluid full?

@Cavell is trying to tell you to start it without the belt. If the noise disappears the problem is a pulley, something attached to a pulley a misaligned pulley, or a bad or wrong belt. If the noise remains, it’s time for rule#2 and look elsewhere. This is diagnosing.

I think that did it. Thanks!

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