Steering problem helping

My son has a 2002 Toyota four runner third generation he had all his brakes replace and before that there was no problem with the steering. After he got the truck back he was driving down the freeway and his steering wheel had to be turned a half a turn for him to go straight . He took it back to the shop and had them do an alignment on it when you got it back about three days later the steering wheel the same thing you took it back to them they did the alignment again in a day later it did it again . So when we took it back that said the rack and pitman was the problem . Does that sound right . Thank you Brian from Vegas

Confused, I am.



If the OP could get a friend, relative, or neighbor who is a native speaker of English to re-post this problem, we might be able to help. We are nice people who are eager to help, but when someone whose native language is not English posts a question, it can be extremely difficult to figure out exactly what the problem might be.

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Sounds like you told them what to do rather than have them diagnose the problem. You might need a different mechanic.

Sorry about that text to speech didn’t work very well sorry for wasting your time

You tried one method of posting and it didn’t work. Type the problem and we will try again.

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The mounting bushings on the rack and pinion may be deteriorated allowing the rack to shift side to side. Perhaps the technician can show you the problem.

I understood your post perfectly well. I would get a better mechanic to look at it, and make sure to keep the receipts from the brake job. You don’t mention any hard-turning sounds… rack and pinon? I’m not sure, but a different good shop seems in order. Steering column?

That post was perfectly clear. I’m sorry there is no way to flag your inappropriate response.

Now that the OP edited his original–virtually incomprehensible–post, I agree that it is NOW clear and understandable. If you will take the time to hover your cursor over the time when he posted originally, when he edited it, and when I posted my confusion comment, you will see that he edited his original post 1.5 hours after I posted my comment.

I think that Nevada is on the right track with his suggestion about the rack & pinion moving.

And, for you, @Whereisthebus, all I can suggest is that you learn to use the available technology on this site before you post another inappropriate criticism, as you did in regard to me.


agree with getting a second opinion. Parts can go bad when working on unrelated parts, just as parts can go bad from not working on unrelated parts. Parts fail- it’s why I will always have a job as a mechanic. Parts can also be abused during an unrelated repair. it happens.

A second opinion can help you get an understanding if something was done wrong to cause your new steering issue (jack or lift marks on the R&P? damage marks on suspension or steering parts?) Get another set of eyes on it and see what the report it.

As an aside, I realized many years ago that most alignment shops view “Align the wheels” and “Centralize the steering wheel” as two different jobs and often do the first without even thinking about the second.

Yes, I expect it doesn’t apply in this particular case.