91 Toyota steering please help

Hey, I have a 1991 Toyota pickup v6 3.0, its been sitting since September due to expired tags and I had no income at the time, when I parked it, it had no problems at all. I got tags a couple weeks ago and when I started it it was making a noise as if I needed power steering fluid, so I checked it and it was full, so my next option was the pump since it was fairly new I figured maybe I got a bad one so with a lifetime warranty I swapped it for another one, installed it and bled it out and it stopped making the noise but has no steering what so ever. I than noticed that fluid starter coming out the top of the reservoir, so I drained the fluid, took off the reservoir and noticed the screen was dirty, so I cleaned it all up, put it back on and redid it all over again, filled it up bled it and I got a little steering back so I took it for a little drive and the more I drove it the worse the steering got, so I parked it and im now lost with what could possibly be wrong??? Please help, thanks

Drain the fluid again, remove the reservoir, and inspect the screen again. If it is dirty again, there must be a bunch of trash somewhere, probably in the steering box. Check the dirt, and see if it looks like bits of rubber or polyurethane. It could be seals in the steering box disintegrating. Or, it could be crud and sludge gunked up in the box from before the first pump change.

Ok, thanks alot, ill do that and update you on how it went