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1999 Yukon Steering problems

When turning (usually to the right) my steering wheel suddenly slips and turns maybe 6" or more. I then have to correct the steering position quickly before the car follows. The problem has been going on for months and is getting much worse.I was told it was the power steering sensor (also called EVO valve?)losing pressure. I had this replaced, but problem is just as bad. One mechanic said it could be because an after market product was used. I need help, as this problem worries me…I drive three small children around daily! Any ideas on what I can do or what the problem may be?

Well for the love of God, don’t drive anyone in that vehicle until you get this fixed, particularly children. Seriously. Seriously. That is just hugely dangerous.

I think it’s less likely that you have a hydraulic problem and more likely that you have a bad steering box (I don’t think that the Yukon has rack and pinion steering). This is something that a mechanic should be able to diagnose after driving the vehicle.

Nevertheless, please don’t drive this anymore until it gets fixed, ESPECIALLY since it’s getting worse. At some point, it’s simply not going to respond to the steering wheel at all.

Were GM TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) Consulted During Repair Work?

There exists at least one 8 page TSB pertaining to the steering sensor replacement procedures that probably applies to your vehicle. An independent mechanic may have to be knowledgeable in this regard or a dealer mechanic might be necessary.

Notice all the may(s), probably(s), and might(s)? Make sure the work was done with TSBs in mind.

This problem worries you? Park it until it’s fixed. Rent a car. Walk. Get a ride. Stay home. Don’t drive it. It sounds very dangerous.

A dealer mechanic might be required for this one.

Thank you for your reply. I will keep the idea of a bad steering box in mind. In my defense, I did have a good local mechanic drive it…he had never seen anything like it, but said he didn’t think it was dangerous to drive or would lose steering totally. However…lately I have been questioning that opinion.

Not sure my first reply went through…thank you for your advice. I purchased the part at a local auto parts shop and had it put on by a small garage mechanic. I am thinking that the TSB was not consulted. After this didn’t work, I called the local dealer repair dept. He seemed to know just what the problem is before I mentioned my recent repair (power steering sensor) and it was he who suggested my part might be bad. He suggested a diagnostic check, but I am debating as this dealer repair shop does not have a good reputation in our small town. He did not mention that it was dangerous to drive, but it is beginning to concern me, which is why I want to find and fix the problem NOW!I’ll look into the TSB and having dealer mechanic do the work.

This is the TSB#.

It is very long and I didn’t want to post the whole bulletin but at least you have the number of the bulletin.

Bulletin No.: 03-02-36-002

Date: July 30, 2003


Revised Steering Wheel Position Sensor or Steering Shaft Lower Bearing Replacement Procedure and Steering Wheel Position Sensor Centering Procedure.

Thank you very much! I’ll see what I can do with this information.

You’re Welcome.

Let us know what happens.