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Power Steering problem

I have a 2000 Saturn L100 series with a power steering problem. When I turn to the right it is hard to turn but when I turn to the left it is fine. I can hear a slight sound like fluid running when turning right but not left.

I would suspect a worn steering rack, which is a fairly common problem on smaller GM cars of that era and before. Have you noticed if the problem is worse when the weather is colder?

really haven’t seen any change in weather conditions. I just had the rack-in-pinion with tie rods changed in November of 2008. I have only put 3,000 miles on it since I had that done. Is that what you mean by the steering rack? Appreciate the help.

Have you checked the fluid level??

Why was your rack and pinion changed in November? Hard steering in one direction would suggest an internal leak inside the rack. Was the replacement rack and pinion out of a salvage yard or was it actually new? Go back to the place that did the work, with only 4 months gone by they may help you out.

fluid is fine

The reason I had it in the shop was because it seemed like the back end was swaying when driving on the interstate. The shop told me the tie rod was loose and about to fall off. After I read the first reply above and $767.19 later (from the 1st repair) I called the shop that fixed it and he indicated it is probably a faulty part and the warranty would cover it. I take it in Wednesday for the fix. Thanks a bunch for the info. I will follow up with the results from the repairs. I will make sure it is replaced with a new part. I really don’t think this guy would pull one on me so I will give him the benefit of the doubt for now.