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Steering issue...CRAZY!

Ok, it is a brand new car(Nissan)and when on the highway and turning(road curving right) the steering wheel is very tight/tough/resists to turn right and it pushes back to the left. When turning left it is nice and easy. What is crazy is this happwned to my finacee’s last lease and(after 4 service visits) they rotated the tires or and it went away but the only bad thing was when it was time to rotate the tires it came back. Te car was a different model Nissan. My question is was could make a BRAND NEW car do this? Thanks a lot!!! We checked tire pressure and it is fine and I also had two other family members drive it and they felt it right away.

It sounds like a bad steering rack problem to me. Get it back to the dealer and let them fix it.

Thanks very much. But is there any test that will prove that because I know the dealer is gonna say there is no problem. I know how they operate. Maybe I should bring it to an independent person. But what tells them it’s the steering rack if in fact it is? Thanks again

Hopefully someone can help before mynthread gets lost. Thank you

I wouldn’t jump to conclusions as to what the dealer will say about this problem. The way the steering feels is the best test that I know of. If there is an obvious difference in feel between left and right turns how can the service shop argue with that? They can’t say “they are all like that”. If they do say something like that then take out another new one for a test drive and prove it to them. If they won’t fix this obvious problem you need to take it to the next level with Nissan and make a complaint to the area district manager.

If this trouble is with the steering rack it is going to be an expensive repair and an independent shop may not be authorized to work on a warranty issue. You will get the bill in that case and we know you don’t want that.

I meant to have an independent shop verify the problem so th dealer can’t say " I don’t feel anything"

Rather than beginning a new thread on the same topic, wouldn’t it have been better to simply continue with your original thread?

In any event, if the dealership is non-responsive on resolving this issue, then I suggest that you “kick it up a notch” by contacting Nissan’s Customer Service folks at the corporate level. Contact information can be found in your Owner’s Manual.


I agree with VDCdriver. You already had a topic started, there’s no reason to start another one. It just makes things more confusing.

Posting again on the same topic doesn’t guarantee different results.

You didn’t answer my question about whether or not you could feel this phenomenon in your GF’s older Nissan.

You claim to feel it in the new one. What about the old one?

If this is a “Nissan” issue you should have noticed it.