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Steering Knuckle

My 2003 Toyota Avalon was having an issue with the steering wheel auto correcting after turning. I had it looked at while it was in for an oil change and was told the steering knuckle needed to be replaced. How big a problem is this? What is a good price for parts and labor? Would it be better if I bought the part somewhere then had a mechanic fix it for me? I am not very handy with cars and am assuming I would not be able to do this myself or could I?

Did you take the car to a Toyota dealer, an independent mechanic, or a quickie oil change place?

I would get a second opinion before agreeing to this repair.

This is not a job you want to attempt yourself.

I took it to a Toyota dealership.

Still, get a second opinion. The steering knuckle is a large chunk of metal designed to hold the wheel, the axle, and the weight of the car as it goes over bumps and through pot holes. Unless you were in an accident that did considerable damage, this part just doesn’t goes bad. The ball joints and bushings that hold it in place tend to go bad way before the knuckle.