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2003 Sonata "Buckled knuckle"

I have noticed over the last 4-6 weeks a very, very slight pulling to the left and the steering feels a little tighter. New tires x4 were placed on the vehicle in 8/07 after 38,000 miles with no unusual wear. I have had the new tires rotated at the proper intervals. The vehicle has 42,900 miles. Today I took the vehicle in for routine oil change (at the dealer) and asked to have the alignment checked. I was told by the service writer that my right front axle knuckle is severely buckled and it will be necessary to repair as it will cause my tires to wear quickly. The parts required for this repair include a knuckle, bearing and arm assy.The cost for labor and parts is approx. 1200.00 I do not recall hitting any severe pot holes or striking the curb. The pulling to the left is very subtle…no vibration or unusual sounds at any speed. Have never had any problem with this dealership, could this be something else? Should I consider a second opionion from an independent mechanic. Have only used the dealership for maintenance and routine services. There have been no other major repairs on this vehicle.

Buckled knuckle ? $1200 !!!
Thats a lot of money for his opinion . Go to an independent shop and ask them to check it out but don’t tell them what the dealer said . Best if you find an independent shop not a chain .

Thank you…for your input…greatly appreciated…PR