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Volvo V70 breakdown

Hi, all,

My daughter, going to college in SoCal, had her 2004 Volvo V70 that we gave her break down on the highway yesterday. The repair shop she brought it to says the steering knuckle got loose from the steering rod, and both must be replaced, and also an axle was damaged and must be repaired or replaced. They estimate it will cost about $1300 – $850 in part, $450 in labor.

Does this sound like a likely accurate assessment of the problem? Is it a reasonable estimate of the cost for repair? I’ve never heard of a steering knuckle before. Any enlightenment would be much appreciated!


California? It Sounds Fairly Reasonable To Me.

When and where was the last time prior to this incident that this vehicle was put up on a hoist/lift and safety checked? It seems to me that this could have been detected and prevented, saving much of the cost and not endangering anybody.

The price for that Volvo repair – steering knuckle, rod, and axel – is not only reasonable, but quite a bargain. Especially if it includes a front end alignment, which is probably necessary.

If you are asking if that’s what the problem is, well, no way to tell over the internet. But those parts can certainly wear out or be damaged, especially in pothole prone areas. Since she’s a college co-ed, I expect she may not be the most conservative of drivers, may be hitting potholes at speed or while turning, so, yes, probably this is all accurate.

Edit: Here’s a link about what the steering knuckle is

I assume you are getting your information from the daughter . I also assume you are going to pay the repair bill and if that is so the repair facility won’t mind if you call and ask for clarification. You also might consider asking what a decent inspection of the vehicle will cost after it is repaired.

The price sounds reasonable enough to me. HOWEVER, and this can’t be stressed enough, I would strongly suggest the entire suspension and steering be gone over with a fine tooth comb.

It sounds like a tie rod end broke and while a metallurgical failure can certainly happen the odds are against it. This is usually due to lack of maintenance and regular inspections.
There are generally warning signs (noise, vague steering, etc, etc) and she is very lucky this did not lead to an injury or fatality accident.

Many thanks for the sensible, helpful responses here!