Guess the name of the part, and good Karma will come your way!

Howdy All,

My name is Daniel Slack, I am currently in Hixson, TN, but I am from Seattle, WA.

Well, Let me give you a little background to my problem. Chattanooga, and Hixson are rather interesting when it comes to roads. For example, they do not have sidewalks in my area, and to cross the street, you have to walk a mile down the road to a cross walk. Another interesting thing is that they rarely seem to use hazard signs unless it is major road work. This is where my problems lie.

About two weeks ago, a week after I bought my 1999 Mercury Sable, I missed the turn off for my apartment. Well, it was at 2 in the morning, I had just got down scarfing down some hamburgers at the Waffle House, an I was up for a drive.

So I drive further down and turn into Boyscout Road. It was gark, but the star were beautiful and Ella Fitzgerald was playing.

Well, what ended up happening, is that while driving, I was kinda moving up an incline and the white Lines of the streets disappeared. Well, immediately, I began looking for the white line ot follow because, I was unfamiliar with the road and I did not want to get into a wreck. Well, the road was freshly asphalted, a dark black, the lines was not anywhere, coming over the hill, I mistook a railroad track for the white line because the light had reflected off of the track.

Fortunately, the damage to my car was not that bad, the rear CV joint for the right forward drive shaft separated, BUT the knuckle that the the balljoint sits in (if I am describing it correctly)is broken and needs to be replace. But I cannot find the name of the piece I am looking to replace.

I have looked online for 1999 Mercury Sable Knuckle, steering Knuckle, wheel, hub, all sorts of things, but I still cannot seem to find the name of the part I am looking for.

I even have a Haynes Guide for the 1999 Mercury Sable and am having know luck. I ordered a knuckle from a few parts stores but they keep showing me a piece of metal that bolts onto wheeel assembly maybe? But I cannot seem to get this information anywhere.

This is a description of the part I am looking for:

It fits behind the wheel rim, the break calipers attach to it, the steering arm and the ball joint attack to it underneath, the suspension sytem (shocks) attach to the top. there is a whole in the center where I had to pound out the right front drive Axle and the break disc. It is made of Aluminum. There is some sort of round shaped fin that is riveted to it at 3 points that goes around it 3/4 of the way. There is a number on it :RF-F6DC-3K170-DD

Please Help, the local dealer said he could get the part for around $500, but he would not give me a name.

You are describing the knuckle or spindle to a “t”. Keep the karma, I don’t believe in it so please send cash.

Does it look like this ?

or this ?

You’re describing the steering knuckle perfectly. Most parts stores don’t carry this part.

Try going to

In replacement parts, select your vehicle.

Then choose front suspension…suspension components… knuckle…

In the parts list that comes up, you can choose to look at an illustration. You’re describing part #2, the knuckle, perfectly. Most aftermarket stores don’t carry this and they’re probably trying to sell you part #1, the hub and bearing assembly.

The local dealer is charging too much if they’re trying to get $500 for it. The drivers side has an MSRP of ~$400, and the passenger at ~$420. Ordering online you can get that reduced to around $300.

You might want to check salvage yards as well. Try to find low mileage, though, as the balljoint is press fit into the knuckle. You’ll want to get a balljoint in good shape (or have it replaced before installing). The local parts yard here charges $18.99 for a knuckle. You could save a pretty penny getting one for $18.99 and getting a mechanic to replace the balljoint (~$40 + labor).

Here is the parts listing from ALLDATA…

Steering Knuckle
Front Suspension
2 - Right F6DZ3K185A $392.28
2 - Left F6DZ3K186A $374.50