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Left front steering knuckle/ hub assembly

I have a 1990 Ford Taurus SHO in very good condition. the wheel bearings are being replaced along with the brake caliper and the steering knuckle on the right front. I can’t find this part and I’d hate to junk it over this. Can this part be fabricated? Any other ideas on finding this part?

Have you checked with a automotive recycling establishment, aka car junk yard? If the yard you go to does not have that specific part, they can put a request on the ‘wire’ and get it for you. Unless this part is failing often there should be a replacement available.

Let us know what you find.

This part should be readily available from a salvage yard and if they don’t have one should be able to get it as Researcher mentioned since many yards are on parts locator services such as Eden.
It cannot be fabricated because it’s formed cast iron.

There are several on eBay (cheap at 20 bucks) but are not shown to fit your model. Maybe you could do some eBay browsing for early Taurus parts and mail the sellers a question even if they do not have the exact part listed. Many of the sellers are salvage yards and would gladly put up an auction with a Buy It Now icon. Hope that helps.

call a salvage yard and ask for a “right front knee assembly”. be sure and tell them its a SHO and check if it has ABS. call LKQ STAR @ 800-362-9451. they have yards all over the country and can locate one. they can even tell you how many miles the part has on it. no, that phone # is not me.

The dealer will probably still have or be able to get this part. It might be absurdley expensive, but you never know and it’s a good idea to see what it costs new before you go prowling the junkyards.

Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

Why does the steering knuckle need to be replaced?

I’ve rarely had to replace one unless the outer bearing race spun in it. I haven’t seen that more than a couple of times.