Stealth won't start



I have a 1992 Dodge Stealth (twin cam/no turbo) that won’t start i.e. it just goes click-click (sometimes it will actually start after turning the key 20-40 times)so the engine does run.

Battery is good (fully charged)

replaced starter and solenoid

I have a new “relay/power” switch on order.

Is there a way to “by-pass” the relay switch that is in the fuse area to see if that’s the problem? I was thinking about trying a remote starter…

any ideas???


well have u checked the battery cables for corrosion. Corrosion is not only at the battery cable terminals but also in the cables themselves. My car won’t start either even though my battery is good and i did replace the ignition switch and put a new starter/solenoid. So my next step will be the cables since they look old. I will let you know of the result.