Starting a Suburu legacy



It takes me a number of clicks to get my car started. I’ve had the battery checked and it’s okay. It doesn’t seem to be the starter itself. And eventually it does start but I’m worried that one day, when I’m not in my driveway, it won’t. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong and what I can do about it?


It’s the solenoid. This unit may or may not be replaceable on your starter. The solenoid engages the starter gear, then sends voltage to the starter motor. But, if the contacts within the solenoid are damaged, the starter won’t turn. It may take several turns of the key to get the damaged contacts to connect right. Check for prices, but it could be cheaper just to replace the entire starter.


Thanks, Busted. Sounds like you know what you’re talking about.


I had the same problem for quite a while; got continuously worse until I was afraid to drive for fear of it not starting at all. It was the starter; had to be replaced; no problems since then. Not a major deal; could have been a lot worse. That is my experience & my best guess is that your problem is the same. Hope you have a trusted mechanic for repairs.


Before going for one of the more likely issues, I suggest that you consider trying removing both ends of the battery cables (both of them) and cleaning both the cable and where it goes very well and reattaching making sure they are secure.