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92 Dodge Ram van starting issues

Hey everyone I have minimal mechanical experience First post here (and on any car forum actually) usually able to find answers with a google search, but anyways let’s give this a shot.

So today I was doing unrelated maintenance on my 1992 Dodge Ram van b250 which led me to disconnect my battery for 5 minutes, reconnected it started the engine, everything was fine, I turned the engine off, 2 minutes later tried to turn it back on, and all I hear is a faint click coming from around the ignition, it’s not a loud click like the starter engaging, the starter made no noise at all, being naive and impulsive I went ahead and replaced the starter, same results, I thought maybe it was the park/neutral safety switch that went out, replaced that, same result.
Right now I’m assuming it’s either the ignition switch, or bad connection
Also first thing I tried was having my neighbor give me a jump, didn’t work so I took her battery out and hooked it up to mine, and same result.
Later realized her engine is a bit smaller than mine, not by much but didn’t think that would make a huge difference because it didn’t crank over at all

If anyone has any idea of what it might be, or know what I should try next, send me in any direction
Any help is much appreciated
Thank you!

You need to take your meter out and start troubleshooting.

If I were your neighbor, I would run when I saw you coming. You removed her battery for no reason and risked damage to her car.

Stop throwing parts and making guesses, as the other poster says, get a meter and do some testing. Or get it towed to a mechanic.