Clicking starter

I’m having an intermittant problem getting my van started and it’s getting worse. After turning the key I’m getting a “click” sounding very similar to the sound you get when the battery is dead. The car won’t start then, but after I try it again for 1-4 times it finally turns over. Bear in mind that this doesn’t happen every time, but it’s getting more frequent and I don’t want to get stuck somewhere. From some reading on line I’m getting information pointing me to the starter motor. Some have suggested that replacing the brushes works without having to replace the whole starter. So … what do you think. I’d appreciate some help here. Thanks. Stonewall.

Have you had the battery tested? It could be a battery on its last leg. Many auto parts stores will test your battery for free and will install a new one for only the price of the battery.

Possibly the starter brushes, probably the starter solenoid’s main contacts. Take the starter out and check both.

And while you’re at it verify ALL battery cable connections are clean and tight at both ends of the cables.

First thing I’d do is remove the battery cables and clean them and the terminals…then reinstall the cables.