1998 Camry, doesn't want to start

125K, brand new battery, on occassion car does not want to start. All instrument lights come on and it just clicks, after a couple of tries it has always started thus far. I’m thinking starter or maybe ignition switch. Your thoughts?

I think this car also uses a starter relay between the ignition switch and starter. The starter solenoid is essentially a relay but this is not the one I’m talking about.

You need to determine if the click sound is coming from the starter solenoid. If it is, then the problem is more than likely a faulty starter.
If the click sound is coming from the starter relay AND there is no power being provided to the small wire at the starter solenoid then the starter relay is at fault.

My guess would be the former as the starter solenoid uses very little current to operate and the chance of burned points inside the starter relay is pretty slim.

Hope that helps.

This is a classic problem with Toyota starters. The stationary contacts in the starter solenoid get worn to the point where it takes multiple key turns to get a crank. The solenoid is pulling the starting gear into mesh but the contactor disc does not complete the circuit between the battery and starter field and armature. Get the contacts replaced at an auto electrical shop; have a new solenoid installed; or have a rebuilt or new starter installed.

Hope that helps