98 Dodge Durango

At times when you go to start the vehicle it will just click, click, click and not start, everything else works and the battery is about a year old, truck runs fine but at times afraid to run to the store and get back in and go now where

This question comes up on here atleast three times a month.

Not trying to bad mouth you, but have you done a search? I haven’t checked it lately, but does it even work?

Clean the cable connections at BOTH ends.
Yep, clean the cable connector at the starter solenoid too. Yeah, that means getting dirty.

If, like you say the battery is only a year old then unless something is creating a parasitic drain, the battery should still be good.

Also, have a load test done on the alternator and battery.

Remove all ground connections/clean and replace wrench tight. This includes the ground strap from the engine block to the firewall or chassis.

That’s the cheap stuff.

If the previous suggestions didn’t work, perhaps the fault lies within
the ignition system, maybe the key cylinder.

This fault should be reasonably easy to correct.
If you are unable to do so yourself, find a reputable recommended tech/shop.

You may even locate one from the mechanic list on this sites’ home page.

ADD: if the started is original, you may have to get it taken from the engine and bench tested.