Starting issue

Hello everyone,

I have a 1991 Honda CRX.

This car will be sitting in the cold for twelve hours, and start right-up the first time. However, after a short car ride and stop, it will not restart unless it sits for over an hour.

The battery, distributor, and spark plug wires were replaced this past summer. At this time, I added an additional grounding strap as well. I installed new spark plugs, and cleaned off the battery terminals, two weeks ago.

Why won’t my car start after a short trip?

Step one is to find if it is a spark, or fuel issue. You could always have a mechanic in your pocket, stop there and if it does not start have them diagnose the no start issue. It is hard to fix when it ain’t broke.

Try flooring the accelerator while you turn the key (flood clear). If that helps get it running look for a problem with either leaking fuel injectors or fuel pressure regulator.

First of all, my mechanic will never be able to to fit in my pocket. He’s a good man, but they call him “doughboy” for a reason. He’s worked for a Honda dealership for the past eight years, and he’s saved me lots of dough, too. Ha ha.

My car is getting a spark. My mechanic checked the relays, and they are working properly. When the car won’t start, it will still turn-over.

Fuel issue??? Hhmmm…I mean, it’s not a diesel engine. So, it’s not like the fuel’s too cold to start the car. How would I check the delivery of the fuel? What steps should I take?

I have pumped the accelerator but never floored it. I’ll have to try that and let you know, thanks.

I have pumped the accelerator but never floored it. I will have to try that, and let you know how it goes, thanks.

Give it a shot of starter fluid after the air filter, if it starts and dies you have a fuel issue.

I tried flooring the accelerator, and that did not start the car.

After the air filter??? So should I remove the airbox housing cover, remove the air filter, squirt a shot of starting fluid into the intake, replace all components, and try to start it? Or do I do the same thing as above, but spray the top of the air filter?