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Fuel pump issue?

Vehicle- 98 honda crv lx
problem- it always starts when its cold(hasn’t run for several hrs). Once its been running for a short while and is shut off, it either has a very hard time starting again or just won’t start.

always starts the first time
once engine is warm the problem starts
engine turns but doesnt fire. Wears downs the battery.
When I get it jumped the car will start
sometimes the car will act sluggish during a left turn or from a dead stop when trying to accelerate quickly.

question- does this sound fuel pump related or battery related or both?

statement- car problems blow!


Yes, we depend on our cars so much that when they don’t work it is certainly frustrating. When it happens to me, friends and co-workers will give me a ride a few times, but then I notice they start to avoid me and run away as I approach. I hear them whispering behind their cubicles “Did George get his car fixed yet?” … lol … Fortunately, I can listen to Car Talk on my local NPR station and have someone to commiserate with!

It’s hard to say with any certainty what is causing your problem. That’s called a “hot soak” no-start problem. You might try googling that phrase along with the make/model. Something might pop up.

One common problem that produces that symptom is a faulty crank sensor. I think if I had that problem, besides reading out all the stored trouble codes from the computer, that’s where I’d start.

Doesn’t sound like fuel pump to me. The troubling part would be why a jump would make any difference unless it is just that it takes extended cranking to start more than the battery can provide. I’d be looking at coil, engine temp sensor, maybe crank sensor, etc. or even an injector stuck open when it gets warm. Time for a computer diagnostics.

Don’t forget that this vehicle uses a main fuel relay which is very problematic for many of these models. Heat causes them to operate in a hit or miss manner. It’s inexpensive and easy to replace. When it fails…your fuel pump does not operate. A jump start might just bring an intermittent main fuel relay back to life.

Could be both,but it could also be the age of the car. Need to know the reading or the Odo. Most cars engine job after they have been drive up words of 1laks kms.

Did you cleaning the injection or maybe even the petrol pump