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Won't start

I have a 1991 honda crx,recently just bought the car. one day i went to turn it on then notice that it was the battery. bought a new battery problem fix. but a few weeks later i went to turn it on again it would’nt start, checked the battery, and battery fully charged, checked the fuses it all seems to be alright, the starter alright as well. can u help me, i still can’t find the problem. thanks.

IF the battery is fully charged AND the starter or/and cable connections are clean and wrench tight as well as fuses are good and the ignition system works as it should then the engine should start.

At least the starter should turn it over.

Is the alternator charging to the proper specs?

Check and recheck those items. Do not forget the battery cable is connected to the starter so you have to remove/clean and reinstall it wrench tight. NOT hand tight.

How do you know starter is ok.
Slice 3 inches on side of hot wire coating and pull back and look for green crud.
Make cut on the side and tape up if it is ok if not if you have the length cut out bad and hook back up or get new cable.
I may be wrong but I think a wire from key switch goes to starter selenoyd, sorry for spelling. You should be able to check voltage with key on for key or wire trouble.

If the headlights light normally and don’t go out or dim badly when you turn the key and you don’t even get a clicking sound when you try it, my first thought is a bad neutral safety switch. My second thought would be a bad starter. If it produces any noise I would think bad connections or cables.

What DOES happen when you turn the ignition key to START? Does the engine turn over at the normal rate (etc.), or what? No answer from you, brings no answers here.

Check the connector under the rear shelf. It provides power to the fuel pump. Mine stopped connecting, causing symptoms like yours. Just use a plier to re-tension the female connector
contact and re-connect. then tape the wires on both sides of the connector to the floorboard, to prevent them from moving with normal vibration. Should then last a lifetime.