Honda CRV with startup problems

We have a 2005 Honda CRV, which lately has not been starting, particularly after a night of rain. We turn the key and either it turns over a couple of times without starting, or does not turn over at all. The lights, radio and heat do turn on. Then, after several minutes, we try again and it starts up without any problem at all. We took the car into the Honda dealership yesterday and they checked the battery, starter, etc., but could not find anything wrong with it. Then today, after a night of rain, it did not start again, but then did after a few more tries. The frequency of not starting up has increased in last few weeks. We owned a Ford Escort several years ago, which also had a startup problem after rain, I think due to condensation issues, so are wondering if this is related.

What would you reccomend we do - try another dealership to look at the starter, ignition, etc.? This is the car in which my wife drives our 2 sons in, so would like to fix the problem asap.


The dealership isn’t finding the cause of the problem, so, yeah, go to an independent shop. The problem occurs when the “dew is upon the lily” doesn’t it? That’s the condition under which it should be checked; but, hasn’t been. It may be that moisture is on the large cable from the battery and draining away the current when start is attempted. The battery cable terminal, on the starter, may be partly shorting through the dew. A damp morning, and a clamp-on amp meter around the starter cable, could easily show if this is the case.

Step one. Unless it is under warranty, don’t take it to the dealer for work you are going to pay for. Dealers may not be worse than independent mechanics, but they sure are more expensive and seldom better.

My guess it the ignition system. Wires or whatever you car uses as a distributor. You could try spraying some WD-40 ( W-ater D-isplacement). It that works, replace whatever you sprayed.

When the engine is warm and dry, I’d prefer to spray silicone on the wires and electrical cables to water proof them.
[ Does WD really stand for Water Displacement? And does it displace water?]

I have a 2005 Honda CRV and just started experiencing this. Do you have any advice? Were you able to fix the problem? Thanks in advance!