How can I start my car?

I have a 95 V-6 Honda Accord. My car has been not starting quite frequently lately. It is usually after it has bene driven, let’s say, at least more than ten miles and then has sat without being started for 30min - 1hour. If I wait long enough, it always starts. I brought it to the mechanic 3 times and they are not able to figure out before the car starts again. It has been ruining my life as I have to leave it running, run errands very quickly and am constantly worried about being late (which I am many times, waiting for it to start). I went to get an oil change once and after the oil change, it didn’t start. The mechanic somehow started it from under the hood and then went to lunch. How did he do this?! It would be a great solution because I can’t get it fixed and I can’t live like this anymore! Thanks!

When you say it doesn’t start, what does it do/not do? Does the starter turn the engine over, but it just doesn’t fire up? Does the thing just go “click” and not turn over at all? If the mechanic was able to start it by doing something under the hood, why not ask him? Go back there and ask.

You need to define this better. Not start means?
Engine does or does not crank over, no solenoid starter click, stone silence? Auto or manual transmission?

Cranks over but no coughing or sputtering or does it cough and sputter?

I have a similar problem with a 98 Saturn SL2 with 72,000 miles. I have replaced the starter, alternator, battery, serpentine belt, ignition control module, ignition coils and spark plugs (the wires are fine). When the car is warm, the engine just cranks, but there is no combustion. I have searched the internet, and it seems like my next avenue will be the fuel filter. Anyone else have ideas?

Did you say '95 Honda Accord? Isn’t this the one with the flaky main fuel relay, the one that hates hot weather? Guys, what year did Honda finally switch to quality relays?

sounds like the starter silonoid is getting to warm.the mechanic might be jumping the silonoid with a screwdriver.

Sounds like it’s the fuel pump relay.

When the car won’t start, check to see if you can hear the fuel pump prime when you turn the key to “on”, but not cranking. you should hear a quiet whirring noice for a few seconds, and then it will shut off. If you don’t here the fuel pump prime, then I would suspect the relay.

Our car doesn’t make any noise at all when we try to start it. Do you know what that might be? It worked fine yesterday. Today, no click, no whirr… just dead silence. We have a 1999 Ford Escort manual tranny.

Sorry, to be more specific, the dash all comes on (radiom lights, etc.) and it makes absolutely no noise that I can detect when I try to turn it over. No click, nothing. Also, I should mention, I had the motor replaced a year ago due to a bad oil change job. Since then, warning lights will come on and go off. My car alarm, which I haven’t used in more than a year, will periodically set itself and then my car alarm will go off for no reason whatsoever. I can’t afford to get a billion things fixed trying to find the problem so like I asked, is there a “ghetto fix” or a way to start it from under the hood? I stopped by the see that mechanic a few times and he wasn’t there. Help!

This sounds like a starter solenoid or relay. Most starter solenoids are in the starter itself these days, so replacing the starter seems the most likely fix. Any mechanic could show you how to jump across the solenoid. It’s a good way to ruin a screwdriver . . . :wink:

This time it’s NOT the fuel pump relay. The wire from the ignition switch to the solenoid probably connects to the solenoid with a spade type connector. The connector could have backed out of its cover causing minimal contact when cold and opening when hot. The solution, push the connector on and make sure it seated. If this wire was making contact, you would get a click.

It could also be a problem with the ignition switch.