99 Honda CR-V stops running

A similar question is here, but mine is a bit different. Engine stops, but doesn’t immediately restart. Turns over, but no start. Sit some minutes, then OK. No check engine. No other gauges out of norm.

There is a remote starter (not factory).

I’m betting on the aftermarket remote starter as the source of the problem.

Alas, I don’t think so. Should, may be, have been more explicit. When it’s switch is accidentally turned off as sometimes happens, the remote start fails, but key start works. The other threads mention the ignition, but here the lack of immediate restart (it has to sit for a bit of time before it restarts) while turning over is different. For the cases here where it is the ignition, it restarts immediately. Could be some part of the ignition system or fuel, best guess, but was wondering whether anyone had this happen. Reduce the amount of fuss at the repair shop.

Go to parts store and get a spark checker, it hooks into plug wire then hooks to plug and has about a 2 inch see threw part that sparks so you can see when plug fires.
When it dies hook it up and if it sparks and does not start you know it is fuel trouble.