Stalling 2016 Nissan Murano

My 2006 Nissan Murano will jerk and comes to a hault in the middle of the road, but will crank up immediatey. Camshaft has been replaced three times.

Since you didn’t aska question, I will. Is your check engine light on? Are you sure a camshaft was replaced? Or was it a camshaft sensor?

Yes, the check engine light is on. It was the camshaft sensor that was replaced. When I take to autozone it is still showing that a camshaft sensor is needed.


Sylvia , using your work place email puts a lot of info on an open wed site that your employer might not approve of.

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No it’s not,

What it’s telling you is that the camshaft sensor has detected a problem,
If we new what the code # was, we might be able to help
Code # will be a “P” followed by 4 numbers, P0000

Seems these sensors are an issue with Nissans. They can cause the car to stall and the restart. Replacing one or both if they’ve failed again is the first step. Sorry you have to do it a 4th time but, well, weak point.