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Nissan Murano Crankshaft failure 4 TIMES!

I am having an ongoing issue with 07 Nissan Murano. My crankshaft sensor has falied for the 4th time in the 2 and half years I have owned the car (which causes the car to completely stop moving-on the highway!). I have avoided a serious accidents on the highway each (4) time! Nissan has not been helpful to me AT ALL! I have asked for them to take the car back, and replace it, and am getting the runaround… anyone else having this problem??? PLEASE HELP!

This is obviously a situation in which the crank sensor is not the fault. The odds of getting 4 bad sensors are so close to zero that it should not even be a consideration.

There’s not enough info known (codes, symptoms, any damage to the sensors, etc.) to make much of a guess but if the problem is actually in the crank sensor circuit then possibilities could be a faulty connector, the wire harness itself, or possibly the ECM.

One thing they’re not going to do though is take the car back.

they have replaced the sensors… tightened all connections, wire harness etc… its crazy. Each time they tell me its “all set” and then I break down again! Its maddening! I dont know whjat else to do. I have filed with Better Business Bureau, and been calling home office reps.

I wish you sincere luck with the car, but you should realize that you are most likely wasting your time with the Better Business Bureau, a private entity with no regulatory or punitive authority.

If the same repair facility has been providing this no-fix repair service, you might want to consider contacting the Office of Consumer Affairs, at either the county or state level, as that agency does have both regulatory and punitive powers through the Attorney General’s Office with which they are affiliated.

A real consumer protection agency, like the Office of Consumer Affairs, may be able to secure a refund for you while you pursue a better repair facility. The Better Business Bureau, nicknamed the Better FOR Business Bureau was exposed by Smart Money magazine a couple of years ago as essentially a waste of time for most consumers.

Thank you for the great info! I will contact the Office of Consumer Affairs today as well! I have also alerted all the local new channels, and stations about this issue as well.

In their defense, car repairs are not a black and white issue anymore. There’s a lot of gray area involved due to the sheer complexity and so many things for which there is no etched in stone test.

However, after several failures much less 4 of them it’s time for the shop to step back and really think the problem through or drag Nissan corporate into it.
Tightening connections and the wire harness sounds like a standard boilerplate answer for we’ve done all we can.

Since your options on this board are pretty limited also, you might take the car by a local AutoZone, Checkers, Advance Auto Parts, etc. and have them scan the vehicle for any codes. Post the results back here for discussion. They will perform this service for you free and it only takes a few minutes.

Thanks I will do that for sure!.. I have already been pursuing Nissan Home Office as well myself… 4 times is too many!.. I literally avoided serious accidents each time! Home Office shoudl care more about their customers safety! and should be more interested in figuring out the problem… for the safety of other consumers… this could be a bigger problem than they think…

Check to see if your state has a lemon law. If so, your car may qualify for a buy-back from Nissan. Multiple repairs to the same problem in a time period and/or unsafe are the usual qualifiers. In Washington state its the Attorney General’s office that handles lemon cases.