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2004 Nissan Murano/Check Engine Light/Slow to start?

Hello, my 2004 Nissan Murano has suddenly encountered a slight problem, and when i mean slight, I mean im pretty concerned about it. Two days ago, I was driving in a school zone on the way to work when my car stopped working! All of the dash lights came on and the gas did not work. So, I stopped the car, parked, turned it off, then turned it back on. It was slow to start, but started, and got me to work. Since then, the check engine light is always on, and it sounds like it wont start when i turn it on, but does. We thought it might be a battery problem, so we got the battery changed, but that didnt help. Im afraid to drive it a lot because i dont want to make anything worse. I have no idea what is wrong with it. Help Please!!

The CEL is the method by which the car is attempting to talk to you. The car needs to at least be checked for codes. If you have a chain type auto parts house near you (AutoZone, etc, etc) they will do this for you free.

If the battery is the original then it’s a miracle it’s lasted this long and could well be the cause of the problem.

If the car is that dicey to drive anywhere then maybe removing the battery and taking it in to have it tested would be a better idea.

I have already said that the battery has been changed, so it is a brand new battery and does not need to be tested. I will take it to an auto mechanic tomorrow to have it checked out. Maybe it is the alternator or something. I guess we will find out.Thank you anyway. If anybody else has had this problem, feel free to leave a comment.

I apologize about the battery comment. While thinking I sometimes lose track mentally of what has been done.
The “slow to start” could be interpreted in different ways and lead to many different conclusions so there would have to be clarity on that.

Slow to start could mean the engine is cranking over slowly by the starter motor, engine turns over a number of times in a normal speed before actually starting, engine starting and running rough for a short period before smoothing out, and so on.

If you post the trouble codes here, more people will be able to help you.

It ended up being the crank shaft? Is that the right term? Im not sure, but it wasnt a biggie. Thanks for your help.

It sounds like you’re referring to a crank position sensor and yes, that can set the CEL and cause the engine to stop running. It’s not that rare a problem with any make of car.
Thank you for posting back with the outcome and luckily it was something comparatively minor.