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04 nissan murano

Ok, i have an 04 nissan murano, i have replaced the camshaft sensors, the throttle position sensor, and the camshaft sensor. It still has a problem with delayed starting, and hesitation when driving. What did i miss???

Have you tightened the license plate?, it has as much to do with delayed starting and hesitation as the parts you replaced.

Is the check engine light on?
What are the codes ?
Compression test?
fuel pressure test?
What do the spark plugs look like?

Spending about 100.00 to 125.00 dollars to find out what is really wrong. And most shops if they get to do the work will waive some or all of that diagnostic fee.

My guess is a fuel pressure problem. That often doesn’t throw a code, but it might show up in the fuel trims. If you just need something to replace next, not that I’d recommend that approach, but if so, think fuel pump.

Does it start OK when hot but not cold? I had this once and it was oxygen sensors. There were NO CODES or any other indicators. A friend loaned me a high dollar scan tool and went along for a ride. He said that the sensors looked “lazy”. I replaced them at a little over 100,000 miles and the problem went away. Apparently oxygen sensors have to be way out of whack for a code to appear. The only time I have seen a code was when the wiring harness was actually cut.

Doesnt matter…hot or cold. Keeps throwing codes for bad camshaft sensors even after i replaced them and cleared the puter…

What is the code you keep getting?

The sensor is probably working perfect and doing it’s job like it was designed to do.

It’s probably telling you that your cam is not perfectly timed, meaning your timing chain, timing chain guide, or timing chain tensioner have a problem.

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