Nissan Murano 2003 Stalling?

Hey everyone.
I have a 2003 Nissan Murano with over 100k miles on it that’s been serving me well for the past year and I’ve never had any problems until now. One day when I was accelerating after a stop light turned green the car stalled. I restarted it and it did it again right away. I was visiting my family at the time but managed to drive the 2.5 hours home with no problem and this has only happened once since and it has been awhile since the event. I have since started accelerating slower, but I think a problem is still present. I went to Autozone for a free code reading and received 3 possible codes: P0746, P0430, and P1700. The check engine light came on not long before the first occurrence. I’m new to car ownership and new to the area I live in, so I don’t have any connections to good mechanics. Any help is appreciated!

I would take this car to a Nissan dealer.

If any of those codes relate to this problem, most likely it would be the P0430. That’s saying there may be something wrong with the catalytic converter. If the cat is partially plugged, stalling out during accelerations could be a symptom.

When my Corolla does this symptom, it is always b/c I am very low on gas in the tank. The acceleration of the car causes the remaining gas in the tank to move away from the place where the fuel pump picks it up, so the fuel pump is sucking dry air for a second or two instead of gasoline. So that’s another possibility, assuming that you aren’t low on gas, it’s still possible something is obstructing the gasoline entry point to the fuel pump.

The first times it happened I believe I was pretty full on gas. Could it possibly be caused by a lack of running the car?

Highly unlikely. Your car needs professional attention.