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SRS light on 03 Civic Hybrid: dealer or mechanic?

My SRS came on last week and I am trying to decide whether this is a dealer or a mechanic issue. My mechanic charges me $70 for the diagnosis, the dealer $150. But the dealer said that usually this is due to a faulty buckle in the car and that if this is the case, the guarantee will cover even the diagnostics. Will it cover it at the mechanic too? Is there any reason for me not to go with my mechanic? Is there a way to diagnose this without spending so much money?


has to go to the dealer if in dead is a warrenty issue

Air-bag problems are best left to the dealer.

I agree with the others. It’s a dealer issue.

Go to the dealer. If you ask your mechanic most like he (she) will advise you to take to the Honda dealer.

@UncleTurbo ; and others, I agree that this is a dealer item, especially when the item in the car is under warranty.

My '03 Civic 4dr EX is equipped with side air bags which were an option in '03. I believe all the hybrids came with the side airbags. If you sit in the seat and lean against the door a warning light comes on which goes out when you sit back up straight in the seat. My point is there are a lot of sensors in the SRS system that a dealer is more knowledgeable about, has all the schematics, and experience to better handle the problem. Warranty coverage makes it a no brainer.

Thanks everyone! Dealer it is then…