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1998 honda cr-v srs warning light

the warning light is on and one mechanic said that the drivers side airbag should be replaced .another mechanic said the control panelhas to be replaced (for 700.00)that "might"fix the problem and may not fix the problem.has anyone had a problem with their airbag and what do you suggest we do first?thank you very much! steve and joyce

If the SRS light is on the computer should indicate where the fault is. Are either of the mechanics you consulted affiliated with a Honda dealer? Problems with the airbag system are one of the few times I think it’s wise to consult the dealer.

Please be aware that while the SRS light is on the airbag system is disabled and will not function in the event of a crash.

Do not replace anything unless they can tell you why it needs replaced and how it will fix your problem.
The light gives a code and it tells repair person where to look and he can test all parts and fix it.
The others are “throwing parts at problem”

An srs light might mean there is a problem and in many cases it might come on if the battery or fuse were disconnected. You can check manually without a scanner to see if there is infact a problem. The following site has video instructions on how to reset the light and when and if it comes back on there are instructions on how to check what the problem is. The site is