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Air bag controller module replacement

I have a Honda CR-V 2002. The dealer says I need a new SRS controller at $700 part and labor. Can anyone tell me whether I can acquire the part less expensively and where the module is that it takes $175 labor to install it? (Or where I might find out)

good luck finding that part any where else other than a dealer. You might have luck searching out a honda dealer parts dept. on the www - should be able to find it cheaper. However, there always some safety risks when working on the SRS, so unless you know exactly what you’re doing, I’d leave this up to a professional.

Thank you for the input, Alex, and I see what you mean. I hope to never see an airbag up close.

I found a local mechanic who seems very smart and who can get the part wholesale from Honda and do the job for less, but not cheap. Like many, the mechanic is shocked this failed and more shocked it isn’t replaced by Honda as a safety measure, but I don’t like dealing with dealerships in general. In addition, I have an independent opinion that this is most likely necessary and will fix the problem signaled by the SRS light on the dash.

One other thought comes to mind - often when the SRS light comes on, it’s not the module but the clockspring on the steering column. It’s a component of the SRS system that allows the steering wheel to turn lock-to-lock without twisting and breaking the airbag wires. This is the first thing to check when the SRS light comes on.

If you have side air bags and/or a power adjustable seats, inspect the connections under the seats. Leave the key turned to the ON position while you wiggle the connectors.

If the light goes off, disconnect the connector and spray with electrical contact cleaner and after you reconnect them, apply a thin layer of dielectric grease to keep moisture (from humidity) and dirt out.

As others have hinted, it may not be the controller. There will be a specific diagnostic error code for controller failure. Unfortunately, only dealers and shops with high-end code scanners are able to retrieve SRS codes. But it’s worth asking the dealer what the scan results are. If they can’t give you a code, they didn’t scan the controller, ad are just guessing at the diagnosis.