SRS light on need help

I have a 98 civic and the SRS light is on. Had tested at AutoZone and it shows a misfire. Why is the SRS light on and what do I do to fix it?

That light says there is a fault in your airbag system. That means in an accident, your airbags won’t work. I would suggest a dealer for that diagnosis.

Autozone counter guys are ignorant. Their tools can’t read the airbag computer error codes, only the engine codes. If your check engine light is not on, no worries, everything is OK in the engine.


The misfire and the SRS light are unrelated, and the goober at Autozone should have known that. The SRS light is most likely on because back then, the prevailing wisdom at Honda was to have your airbag system inspected every 10 years, so your car is just about due. Take it to the dealership to get the light reset. The inspection called for is just a visual inspection and to test the self-diagnostics, so it shouldn’t be very expensive unless they find a problem.

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SRS = Secondary Restraint System (aka Air bags).

One cause of this (believe it or not) is a weak battery. Happened on my wifes 96 Accord. Replaced 8yo battery and code went away.


You can pull the trouble codes yourself for the SRS system.


How do I get the codes. I don’t have a code reader

Read the link I provided again.

You don’t need a code reader!


Got SRS light fixed. It was a fuse