SRS Airbag Light On

I have a 2001 Volvo S60 and yesterday, when I took out the HVAC unit out of the dash to try and change two small light bulbs (only had to remove 2 torx screws and unplug the unit), the SRS AIRBAG URGENT light went out. Needless to say, the airbags are fine. How can I get the airbag light off?

Thank you!

How do you know the airbags are fine? There is much more to the SRS system and airbags than any visual inspection can tell you. You’ll need to get the SRS system scanned for codes to know what is wrong.

You may have glitched the system when messing with the HVAC unit. Try removing the battery ground lead for 1/2 an hour. This should clear any codes. If the SRS warning comes back, you will need to get it scanned.

It is a volvo. They are known to have all sorts of weird gremlins.

Perhaps check that everything is still plugged in. IT could be that you pulled a connector loose or something like that. For instance, a while back our Subie’s airbag light came on and it was the passenger seat sensor that had worked its way loose.