Need a clear srs answer

Hi all,

I have a simple question related to safety and I can’t believe the different answers on the web.

I had to pull the dash on my 1998 V70XC. I disconnected the battery, did what I needed to do and put it all back together. I have verified that all airbags are properly connected but the SRS light is on.

My questions:

1. If the srs light is on will the airbags fire in an accident if nothing is wrong?

2. Is there a way to reset it so I can see if it comes back on indicating a real problem? I believe it is common after a battery and srs disconnect to have the light on even when there is no problem.

Thanks for your help.

If the SRS light is on, it means the airbags will not deploy in the event of an accident.

You may have to take the vehicle to the dealer in order to have the SRS reprogrammed so it functions again.

There are some vehicles that when the battery is disconnected, some modules may go to sleep and never wake back up, or the modules may need to be reprogrammed. You can read about this here


Tester, I Think You Nailed It !

Note to htschek: Tester is an automotive professional. I’d heed his advice. I don’t think you’ll find anybody that will assure you that you “. . . have the light on even when there is no problem.


I’ve read about some of these SRS modules and if you don’t follow specific diagnostic/repair instructions you can cause some of them to lock up and the only fix is to replace them.

I agree with the light illuminated no airbag deployment. I have never had a “locked up” or “bricked” as the computer people say with a deployment module with any GM,BMW,FORD,HondaSAAB,Kia auto. Perhaps it is because I only started airbag work in 1995 that I have not seen this problem.Some early airbag systems (for me on BMW in the 80’s) were very hard too diagnosis.

If diagnosis had stopped evolving with counting blinking lights I certainly would have been forced into a different line of work.

SRS lights get set by accident all the time when a mechanic turns on the key with a component disconnected, code is easily cleared with the correct scanner. I have never had a accidental deployment and for me all the “better watch it” type warnings with air bags only made me nervous and did not help in safety. Just handle it like any other circuit that you dont want to short to ground or power, you will be fine.