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Turning off the SRS light

My Dad drives a 2005 Chevy C1500, and he complains that the SRS light continually stays on. He wants to know how to turn it off without taking it to the dealership.

If it’s continuously lit, the SRS module undoubtedly detects a problem. Sometimes a code will set due to a low voltage condition.
Is your battery in good shape?
You might try disconnecting your battery, but if there is a problem, the SRS module will recognize it and turn the light on again.
I take it you don’t have access to a scanner and/or code reader. Not all code readers do SRS, by the way.

If Dad is not concerned about his air-bag not working, (that’s what the light means) then get behind the dash and remove the bulb…Be aware that some people place great importance on having properly working airbags and they will view removing the bulb as some kind of felony tampering should Dad sell the truck in that condition…

The SRS light is the airbag system trying to tell you there is a fault and the airbags are off. The only way to turn it off is fix the problem.

Also, if you pull the bulb, a beeper may beep to let you know a dash indicator bulb is out. My 2000 Explorer started doing that 2 weeks ago, and the airbag light doesn’t light up, even for self-test.