Supplemental Restrain System (airbags) on 2002 Accord

The SRS light came on in my 2002 Accord to have the air bags checked out. What can go wrong? Just cause the light is on does that mean they don’t work? It will cost me nearly $75 to determine what is wrong, if anything and who knows what a repair would cost?

Do you think something is wrong or should I just live with the light on? I don’t know that there is anything I did that could have caused it to come on.

What do you think?

This happened to my wifes 96 Accord. Turned out to be the battery. Is this the OEM battery. If so it could be the culprit. Have it checked out. If it fails…replace it and then reset the SRS system to turn the light off.

The light is on - Yes, there is something wrong.
The light is on - No, they won’t work.
Does the light flash when you first turn the key on? Some systems will flash at an error code at first.

If the SRS light is on the airbags are disabled, and will not function. The only way to determine the problem is to have the system scanned, probably by a Honda dealer.

The light is not on because of anything you did, or didn’t do. It’s on because there is a problem somewhere in the SRS system.

You can live with it if you choose, just remember, you’re currently driving a car without functional airbags. Buckle up!

The light came on in my 2000 Accord (same generation as yours). Dealer told me that it was the SRS module and would cost $600. I found one from a junkyard in Iowa for $125 shipped to my door and I put it in myself. It is located in the center console. That worked great for a while but then when the light came on again the dealer said it was the seat belt latch on the drivers side and they replaced it for free. Honda covers all seat belt repairs for life.

Have it checked out. It might be a free repair.

With the light on the air bags will likely not deploy. This is not a car I would drive without working airbags.

On most cars, when the bag system senses a fault, it blows a non-replaceable fuse in the control module which disables the system. First you must find and repair the fault, then you must replace the module. You can’t “reset” it…If you just stick in a new module, you will blow that one too.

It’s not 1975 anymore.

Caddyman,I must contrast your comment.I have solved many “SRS light on” concerns.Problems ranging from open circuit passenger seat sensors,wiring chafing,bags left disconnected after a repair in the area (if you turn the key on with a component disconnected you will get a SRS light)Never have I replace a module over these concerns.And then clear the code.

Can you cite a source for your info?My experience is with GM,BMW.

What did I get told? oh yeah by tardis, “Learn how modern cars work before you post”.