Squeaky clutch

I have taken my 5 speed 4 sylinder 2006 Honda Accord in to the dealer on three occassions to address an annoying squeaky clutch. They have taken it apart twice and re-greased it per Honda’s recommendations. This was all done while under warranty. The problem went away for a while and just recently it has returned. The car is well past it’s warranty period. Prior to taking it in again and trying to get the problem resolved, I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue or would have some suggestions as how to proceed.

Thanks for your help.


Under what conditions does it squeak? With the clutch in? Clutch out?
Was the throwout bearing replaced?

Do you hear the squeak loudest inside the vehicle when you push on the clutch pedal?

Hello and thanks for your quick replies. Clutch noise occurs when I slowly release the clutch. Seems to occur in most conditions and w/wo the engine running. Loudest on the inside. The throw out bearing has not been replaced. The car has about 50,000 miles.

Since it’s squeaking with the engine off, then it’s not the throwout bearing. I’m thinking it’s the clutch pedal return spring.

That’s what I had in mind behind my question to the OP.

brady, squirt a little lithium (white) grease where the clutch pedal return spring is attached (both ends) and see if the noise stops.

Thanks much - I will give that a try and hope for the best. Again, I appreciate your help and timely replies.