2009 Subraru Impreza Outback Sport (60K miles) clutch issue

I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with my clutch. When I start my car I hear a squealing noise from the engine that sticks around until my car is warmed up. If I depress the clutch while it’s warming up (and squealing), it goes away. Any ideas? Bearing? Thanks in advance.

If the sqealing goes away when the clutch pedal is depressed, the noise might be coming from the throw-out bearing.


+1 for @Tester .

@Tester- does this mean I need a new clutch or is this something that can be fixed?

If I was going to replace the throw-out bearing, I would just go ahead and replace the clutch, in view of the 60k wear that is already on the clutch lining.

And, I would suggest that you not sit at a traffic light with the clutch pedal depressed, as that is the primary cause of worn-out throw-out bearings.

The clutch release bearing could be bad for sure. If there is no freeplay in the clutch pedal then an adjustment may be in order which might help the noise as well.