Noisy clutch

A couple of years ago I went through salt water with my 2003 Honda Accord which is a manual transmission. It only has 106,000 miles and expect it to go much further. The clutch works great but when engaged is really loud. I have had it checked by 2 different auto repair places. Nothing is wrong they say. It has been cleaned and greased.

Any ideas?? Would really appreciate it.

A greased clutch is like trying to catch a greased pig.

I think you need a new mechanic. How much did they charge for cleaning and greasing the clutch.
Were these chain auto repair places like AAmco, Pep boys, Sears, …dealers…or independent mechanic shops.


No part of the clutch can be cleaned or greased.

Is the noise there when you push the clutch pedal down or when the pedal is up?

What happened when the car went through salt water?

lol … good one @Yosemite … I think the OP meant the clutch linkage was greased, not the clutch itself.

If so, I’m assuming the OP is saying there’s a noise as the clutch pedal is depressed. That’s likely the linkage. Could be even the linkage to the pedal in the passenger compartment, my Corolla makes a squeak sometimes there when I press on the clutch pedal.

Or it could be a problem in the clutch ass’y itself, a bent or broken spring in the pressure plate for example. Usually that would show up as poor clutch performance though.

OP: Does this noise seem to occur right as the clutch starts to connect to the engine, as you allow the clutch pedal to slowly come back up?

You really need to provide details about the noise.
Grinding, screeching, what?
Does the noise change when the clutch pedal is depressed or released?
Is the noise present with the vehicle stationary and idling in neutral?

As to the cleaning and greasing a clutch I guess that opens up a whole new world of profitable flushing services.
Only 199 dollars to flush a bellhousing and 50 bucks to install a grease Zerk w/lube job…

(sarcasm of course…)

“my Corolla makes a squeak sometimes there when I press on the clutch pedal.”

Are you sure it’s the clutch and not your knee @GeorgeSanJose.

I thought that I had a rattle under the hood. Until I realized it was the marbles rolling around in my head.

The Op @Memo710, needs to come back and give a little more on what noise he hears.


I’m not sure what Memo710 is hearing, but I’m hearing a drummer delivering a rim shot! … lol …

Are you sure it’s the clutch making the noise?
If you had a torn CV boot and flooded that with saltwater, it’s entirely possible that it could become noisy, and possibly even only when under torque load, as in when you’re accelerating. If it’s unaffected by turning, it might be the inner CV joint. That would necessitate a new half-shaft.

A clearer description of the sound and exactly what conditions it becomes evident would be a big help. But there are other possibilities here. There’s insufficient information here for me to say there IS a bad CV joint, but there’s also insufficient detail for me to assume it’s the clutch.

Might I suggest that instead of having the shop check the clutch, you have the shop determine what’s making the sound.

I have the same issue with my truck, I think. It growls when the clutch pedal is depressed and that is the throwout bearing making the noise. It needs to be greased or replaced, but that involves dropping the transmission or removing the engine and for now, that is too much work/expense for a little noise.

Unless the shop removed either the engine or transmission (in your car it might require both to be removed together), then all they greased was the linkage and that won’t solve the problem.

Ok guys here I am…my clutch makes the noise only when it is engaged. But it is loud. I’ve had it checked by 2 well known mechanics here in South County not the typical oil chg n brake shops. Its a winding sound when engaged. Thanks for your help

Engaged means your foot is OFF the clutch pedal. When you press the pedal down, you are disengaging the clutch.

If you get the noise when your foot is off the clutch(it makes the noise in neutral with your foot off the clutch,) I would suspect transmission bearings.

Sounds like the throw out bearing and there is no greasing it.

And if you’re going to all that trouble you may as well get the whole kit. Throwout bearing, clutch disc, Pressure plate and pilot bearing.

Ok Keith you are correct…when I disengage there is a winding noise

Yosemite how much do you think this would cost me?..OMG I have no money for this

If the noise is only there when the clutch is engaged that would indicate trouble internal to the transmission, since the transmission is now turning at the same speed as the engine. If the noise goes away when the clutch is disengaged, as when sitting at a stoplight or first starting the engine with the clutch pedal down, that’s when the transmission is just sitting there and not moving.

Depending on the engine you have, a clutch kit on NAPAs site is from around $275 to $375.

Though keep in mind that the shop you use will charge a little more and they may prefer a different brand.

The accord is pretty straight forward and not an extremely difficult car to replace the clutch.

As far as labor …I’d say $600 labor.

Then they may find other things that instead of coming off nice…the parts break and you need new parts. Like exhaust, motor mounts and gaskets.

I’d say you’re looking at $1000 to $1200 total


By “winding noise”, I assume this means there is a ratcheting sound, like winding a clock. And it occurs only when the clutch pedal is depressed*. And is more or less the same in neutral or in gear. hmm … I’m thinking the throw-out bearing or something wrong with the pressure plate, like a broken spring.

Maybe one of the pro’s here has a method for further diagnosis, but it appears to me the transmission is going to have to come out for a visual inspection of the clutch’s inner workings.

  • The terms “engaged” and disengaged" cause a lot of confusion here in regard to clutches. Suggest to refer to the position of the clutch pedal instead, pushed down, or up.
I have had it checked by 2 different auto repair places. Nothing is wrong they say.

It could be years before the throwout bearing fails.

Take up drag racing. Then you’ll need a new clutch soon enough.


Thanks everyone always wanted to be a race car driver… I will wait then