Squeal in neutral or in gear


I’ve got a '98 Honda Accord that just started squealing when in neutral or driving in any gear. This happens when the clutch pedal is out and transmission in neutral or in a gear. The funny thing is that I can eliminate the squeal by pressing the clutch pedal lightly (~1/4 - 1/2"), basically just taking up the play in the pedal. That makes me think it’s not the transmission. The clutch was just replaced, ~500 miles ago, but I do not know if they replaced the release bearing (one would hope they did). Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Sounds like the release (or throw-out) bearing is making noise. Check the invoice for the clutch replacement and see if a new one was installed.


I did, and talked to the shop, and they say that it was replaced. Is it possible that it’s a vibration on the clutch slave push-rod (or something like that) that is eliminated when the part becomes tightened by taking up the play in the pedal? I suppose it could be a bad bearing or the shop guys didn’t put in a new bearing.