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Clutch squeek

My 2004 Honda Accord master cylinder was replaced twice because of an unfixable squeek when I depressed clutch pedal(both replacements done free by dealer). It’s been squeeking again for almost a year(not getting worse, but staying the same; it goes away with use), but Honda is resisting replacement or repair; lube doesn’t help. There’s no recall on item, either. Should I worry? Take it to “the next level?” Thanks

It sounds like a throwout bearing. I’d live with it until I needed a new clutch if I were you, unless you have some warrantee you want to use.

In the olden days if you had a problem fixed under warranty ad still had the same problem after, it was still covered. Take it to the next level. You have not had a proper repair.

I have a 2003 Honda Civic with a 5 spd stick. Same squeek. I went to Honda and they said it was the master cylinder and that it was not a “functional” problem. I’ve elected to live with the squeek. I think it has been squeeking now for about 3 years. It is annoying, but I’ve just gotten used to it. So far no passengers have commented on the squeek.