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Squeaky Clutch

I have a '99 Mazda Protege with about 170000 miles on it, and for the last year my clutch has been making a squeaky noise when I push or release it. The last couple months the noise has been getting louder, except on rainy days in which it seems to be very quite. Is this a sign my clutch is going bad, or is it something I can live with?

It’s the throw-out bearing.

When was the Clutch replaced last???

When you replace the clutch…the throw-out bearing and pressure plate are also replaced.

It can last a while…or go next week. I nursed mine on my Pathfinder for 20k miles…And it was almost completely destroyed by then.


The throw-out bearing is almost undoubtedly the culprit here.

Another area to check is the clutch pedal pivot point under the dash. The bushing can make a squeaking noise when it gets dry and dirty. Try spraying a silicone lubricant on the bushing to see if that stops the squeaking noise.


Some Mazda’s use a dual mass flywheel. When one of the springs inside of them begin to loosen up, they can exhibit a screech (like a finger on a blackboard). It typically happens when the clutch is beginning to engage when releasing it.

I agree with others that your problem is more likely to be the clutch release bearing, but keep the DMF in mind as a remote possibility.

Does it squeak if you push the pedal while the engine isn’t running?

If so then it’s as Tester says.

I second Tester’s suggestion. I used to have to put a drop of oil on the articulating point of the clutch pedal lever on my old pickup every few years to stop the sqeaking. And yes, humidity in the air affected the sqeak. It’s worth trying.