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Clutch noise

I have a 2001 Pathfinder with manual transmission. Lately it has been making squeeking noise when clutch pedal is depressed. Then it goes away. So far it is happening only for the first few minutes next day after a long drive (150 miles)the previous day. I am guessing it is one of the bearings. Can I wait until it starts happening all the time before I need a new clutch or transmission?

The noise is probably the throwout bearing. If it fails completely you will have no clutch. They usually break at the furthest point from help. I would see a good mechanic right away.

Does the engine have to be running for this squeaking to occur?

If so, It’s the throw-out bearing or the pilot bushing. If it happens instantly as you depress the clutch pedal, it’s the throw-out bearing… If there’s a little delay, you depress the clutch and after a second or two it starts squeaking, it’s the pilot bushing…

Either problem can be very destructive if not dealt with…

Like the others say throwout bearing or pilot bushing/bearing.
Do you ever rest your foot on the clutch pedal when not shifting?

It definitely sounds more like the throwout bearing. I personally don’t rest my foot on the clutch pedal, but other members of my family might. Is it going to break all of a sudden or slowly worsen?

Usually when the throw out bearing goes bad, the clutch is also getting worn out. Even if if is not slipping or chattering, you might as well replace it as long as you have the tranny out anyway. and you dont want the bearing to break down when you are a long way from home or the shop. Get this fixed as soon as you can for peace of mind. It is not dangerous, but could be very inconvienient. See Murphys law.

I think you are all jumping the gun suggesting it is the throwout bearing. If it happens when the car is turned off, it could be nothing more than old linkage.

cepheus, do you have to press the clutch to start the vehicle? Does this noise happen when you do (before you start the vehicle)? If so, it probably isn’t the throwout bearing. It might be nothing to worry about at all.

Yes, I do have to press the clutch to start the engine. The noise starts after the engine is running, goes away after a few minutes drive.