Squealing sound? More info in description

Hey guys! So I own a 2002 Mazda Protege and I’ve notice a loud squealing noise.
It doesn’t squeal when I start up, in fact the car starts up just fine. But, sometimes, it will start squealing when I start to drive. It’s a 5-speed manual trans.
I’ll lay down the scenarios in which I’ve heard it: It’s only 4
1: It was a bit of a frosty day, and I had driven the car to a friends house. After being there for a few hours, I left. I went out, the car was a little foggy but by no means frosty. If it had stayed out all night, it would’ve frosted for sure. So to conclude: It was cold. I started the car and cranked the heat and defrost. I popped it in neutral and waited, with the clutch engaged (foot off the pedal), for about 1 or 2 minutes before leaving. When disengaging the clutch, while pressing down on the excelerator, and pulling out of my spot, that’s when the queal started. It was loud, and lasted aprox. 15 seconds, then it was gone.
2: This was the next morning, and I was a little on edge now. I went out, car completely frosted over, and started the car. I was worried that the squeal would be present upon start-up; It was not. So again, I popped it in neutral and went out and scarped the car and had a cig. It ran for approx 5-7 minutes before attempting to drive. When backing out, the squeal happened. This time, it was quite a bit quieter and only lasted a second.
3: I was driving to work one morning. It was a bit chilly, but not frosty, and I was coming to a stop light. Attempting to down into 1st (1st gear always goes in smoothly going about 20km or lower, and I never ever use it to slow the car down only when about to come to a complete stop) it stuck a bit and then it finally popped in, with some resistance. Light turns green, I start the car in motion and the queal starts. Loud and lasted aprox. 15 seconds again.
4: Similar situation to 3, but instead of 1st it was 2nd gear. This time, though, it wouldn’t go in at all. The clutch was completely disengaged (pedal to the floor) and it was having none of it. The gear was grinding terribly. I popped it in neutral and pumped the clutch and tried to pop it in 2nd again. It went in with no problems. As you can guess, there was a squeal as I was proceeding form the stop sign. Not as loud and lasted about 5 or so seconds.

Now, I do suspect the car has some tranny issues because of the obvious issues shifting as well as an issue with 3rd gear. It was noticed that when shifting into 3rd, and only 3rd, that it was grinding a little. Not so much an audible grind, but more a feel. Like it was being jammed in against it’s will.

Anyway, that’s my current scenario. My first thought was a failing belt, but usually those are audible as the engine turns over? Any thoughts or insight is very much appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Since it’s a manual - it may be a the throw-out bearing (or some manufacturers call it a Thrust bearing). This is the bearing that pushes against the forks in the pressure plate relief the clutch.

Since you’re also having problems with shifting…it sounds like a new clutch assembly to me…this includes a new throw-out bearing.

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Agree with Mike, throw-out bearing is going away as is the clutch.

To get to it, the transmission needs to come out and all will be revealed. Generally the clutch disk, throw-out bearing and pressure plate are replaced at the same time and the flywheel will be surface ground to smooth it out.

Oh and Thank YOU for the great description of the symptoms! That’s been lacking 'round here lately.

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With a faulty throw-out bearing, the sounds are described as occurring when the clutch pedal is depressed. The sounds I’m hearing happen as I slowly let my foot come off, only in 1st gear, and persists for a few seconds afterwards, even after shifting into 2nd. I’ve never had it happen when shifting into any other gears, and I only ever hear it once for the whole day, when it happens. It has not been a persistent issue, only ever noticed it on reaaly cold days