96 Miata clutch noise

My 1996 Mazda Miata has began to make a hard to discribe noise when I depress to change gears. Its not really a grind, a whine nor a rattle, sorta combo of all. No noise when driving or just running at idol. Only makes the noise when depress clutch to shift. WHATS UP WITH THAT?!?!?!

I’m certainly no expert, but it sounds to me like it (the clutch) may not be fully disengaging… Someone check me on that, please.

You say no noise when driving but then you say noise when you depress clutch to shift,when you are shifting aren’t you also driving? Please post back when the noise is heard. Mileage and any clutch work if any.My guess is throwout bearing.

I agree with oldschool. I think the throwout bearing is going bad. To check, with the engine running, slightly put pressure on the clutch pedal to engage the throwout bearing to the pressure plate release fingers. If the sound returns, it is the throwout bearing.